You HAVE to see it in person.
Videos just don't cut it!

December 1 until January 5
MOST days from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm - weather permitting
Full show runs approximately 10 minutes.
to "Listen to the Lights!"

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Brown Family Lights
All Christmas - All Year

  • DO NOT PARK ON THE ROADWAY. For the best viewing, enter and drive down the driveway. DRIVE SLOWLY.
  • DO NOT BLOCK THE ROADWAY OR DRIVEWAY.  If traffic is backed up to the road please keep moving, and try to come visit us at another time.  Do not stop in the road! We fit as many cars in the driveway as we can.
  • PARK IN THE DESIGNATED AREA. A small parking area is provided on the right hand side near the house. Back into the parking spots, facing the show. If the parking area is full, do not block the viewers. Stop just before the parking area and watch from there.
  • TURN OFF HEADLIGHTS. Parking lights are ok but headlights ruin the experience for viewers. Remember to turn them back on when you leave.
  • FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS of our traffic control volunteers. We know better than anyone where you need to be and when you need to be there. Everyone will get a chance to see the show. Please roll your window down as you approach us so you can hear our instructions.
  • BE COURTEOUS TO OTHERS. Give other guests a chance to turn around and back into the parking spots. Honking and yelling does not make anyone move faster.
  • EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE. Let other guests see the show too. Please do not stay for repeat shows if there is a line of guests waiting to see the show. Remember - the show runs for more than a month and four hours per day on most days.
  • ENJOY THE WHOLE SHOW. You may exit your vehicle to watch the show or visit "Toyland", but be careful of moving vehicles and DO NOT walk past the "light fence".

High Voltage is present at all times so DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, touch the lights, walk past the "light fence" or into the main display area.
Stay within the viewing and parking areas ONLY.
  • COME EARLY - COME LATE. The show runs for more than a month. Get that Christmas Spirit flowing early in the season and keep it going after New Years. You will enjoy less traffic, and possibly repeat viewing opportunities early and late in our season. Friday and Saturday nights are our busiest, so please expect to wait in line if you come on those nights.
  • DON'T COME TOO EARLY. The show starts at 6 pm. That means that when our clock strikes 6, the show turns on. The driveway opens at 5:30 pm.
  • DON'T COME TOO LATE. The show ends at 10 pm. That means that when our clock strikes 10, the show turns off.
  • BRING A SMALL CAR. They are easier to park and take up less room.
  • DIESEL TRUCKS ARE LOUD.If you must bring one, please turn it off during the show.
  • LEARN HOW to turn off your headlights. Almost all new vehicles have automatic headlights. 99% of them can be turned off when the vehicle is put into PARK. Please learn how to do this before you come.
  • LEARN HOW to change your radio station. Almost all new vehicles have some sort of ultra complicated media station (formerly called a radio) in the dashboard. Learn how to manually tune your radio to 95.3 FM before you come. 
  • CARPOOL. There is no reason for three guests that are together to bring three separate vehicles. There is no guarantee that you will be able to park next to each other anyway.
  • BE KIND TO OUR NEIGHBORS. Please do not park or turn around in their driveways.
  • GO TO THE BATHROOM before you come to the show. Sorry, you cannot use our bathroom and we would prefer if you did not use our trees either.
  • HAVE A GREAT TIME! Follow these tips and you'll be sure to have a wonderful experience.